Research & Development

Innovation is of great importance to Alchemia’s business vision.

Our skilled production team is constantly motivated by the following objectives:

  • Development of novel synthetic methodologies for the generic API market.
  • Conducting pilot syntheses.
  • Technical assistance and support for our customer base.

Laboratori Alchemia is highly specialized in the area of research & development of organic compounds and our accumulated experience and commitment enables us to provide our customers with the material they need in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Even the most difficult and multi-step synthetic routes can be achieved and solutions found for any processes, key intermediates or other products, without sacrificing quality or scheduled development timelines.

The great degree of flexibility of its technical structures and the scientific dynamism of the research team makes Laboratori Alchemia able to develop independent research on any type of molecule and to offer an ample range of services for the synthesis of products requiring high-level research capabilities.

Thanks to the on-going collaboration with the Industrial Chemistry Department of the University of Milan our professional staff is kept “up-to-date” on the latest methods and techniques.